EcoAct France has been awarded Great Place to Work® certification, an award which recognises companies with a good working environment.

Well-being at work, a performance factor.

Because the performance of organisations relies particularly on the well-being of its team members at work, EcoAct launched a Great Place to Work® initiative in 2016. The aim was to objectively measure the perceptions of EcoActors, and, in order to ensure ongoing improvement, to identify levers for action to increase their well-being at work.

Pride and camaraderie are in EcoAct’s DNA

EcoAct France became one of 23 companies with fewer than 50 employees to successfully obtain the Great Place to Work® certification in 2017, only one year after beginning the initiative. More than 70% of EcoActors responded positively to all the questions on well-being at work at EcoAct, based on the concepts of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

By offering companies and regions a unique expertise in planning for and implementing positive change in response to climate change, EcoActors find special meaning in their work (89%) and are proud of their achievements. They also feel that EcoAct is a place where they can be themselves (91%), and work in a pleasant (94%) and friendly (94%) atmosphere. This atmosphere is nurtured in particular by seminars, end of year parties and weekly breakfasts, organised by all the team members. Finally, the new premises, located in the heart of Paris, offer EcoActors a particularly pleasant working environment (97%).

Great Place to Work®: a long-term initiative

Far from being an end in itself, becoming a Great Place to Work® company encourages us to continue with the initiative, consolidate the basics and work on the improvement levers identified to increase well-being at work at EcoAct for the long term”, declared Thierry Fornas, Chairman and Co-founder of EcoAct.

So, the company is not resting on its laurels: this year, telecommuting was also introduced on a voluntary basis, to support the work/life balance of its team members.

Certification Great place To Work EcoAct

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