This alliance creates new synergies for EcoAct to accelerate the business transition to a low carbon economy.

Paris, February 10, 2017 – The world is today experiencing an unprecedented economic, social and environmental change. For the second consecutive year, the Davos Economic Forum has put the mismanagement of the environment as the top threat to the global economy. As such, organizations must urgently think differently about their strategy. To respond to this, EcoAct, a leading player in decarbonization, is strengthening its teams in both France and abroad and has combined forces with Alliantis to synergize multi-stakeholder collaboration in this transitioning world. EcoAct and Alliantis together provide innovative solutions to increase an organization’s capacity to anticipate changes and to act in an increasingly transitioning world. This new pool of experts and consultants will deliver support to companies and territories, strengthening sustainable actions throughout their value chain.

Founded in 2006 by Thierry Fornas and Gérald Maradan, EcoAct has become the international reference point for the decarbonization of companies and territories. EcoAct has been a pioneer by promoting decarbonization as a key lever to improving global performance for organizations. Driven by an ambition to change the rules of business as usual, EcoAct is constantly expanding its solutions to accelerate the transition of companies and territories towards a more sustainable world.

Founded in 2000 by Sylvianne Villaudière, Alliantis, an alliance strategy consultancy, specializes in the communication, foresight, coordination and mediation of networks of major players in sustainable development and energy transition (groupings and Federations of companies, NGOs, associations, etc.). Over the years, Alliantis has developed a unique know-how on establishing pathways, forging alliances and setting in motion these networks. Among other things, the firm coordinated the COP21 Solutions system.

Today, EcoAct is:

  • established in 3 countries: France, Kenya, United States, with partnerships all over the world;
  • composed of international teams with more than 70 high-level experts and consultants;
  • experiencing 25% growth per year;
  • with more than 1,000 missions in 20 countries over the past 3 years.

As complements to one another, EcoAct and Alliantis now provide an even more comprehensive set of responses to the major sustainability challenges faced by organizations. Together, they accelerate their transition through:

  • accompanying them in their climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies;
  • building alliances for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

We are very pleased to join forces with Alliantis, which aims to catalyze action and increase cooperation between major players,” said Gérald Maradan, Managing Director and Co-Founder of EcoAct.

The ‘raison d’être’ of Alliantis is to promote collective intelligence for a sustainable future. Today, we are entering a new era, marked by the acceleration of social and environmental constraints governed by climate change. Because of its robustness and expertise, EcoAct was the best actor to concretely implement our desire to combine economy and ecology,” added Sylvianne Villaudière, Founding Director of Alliantis now also Associate Director of EcoAct.

“The climate is becoming an increasingly strategic issue for organizations. Thanks to its expertise in strategic communication and networking, Alliantis is the partner that will better help our customers co-build, share and enhance their approach,” concluded Thierry Fornas, President and Co-Founder of EcoAct.


About EcoAct

EcoAct is the reference player for the decarbonization of companies and territories, and is the only organization present on all three axes: measuring, reducing, and offsetting emissions. Since its creation in 2006, EcoAct has been driven by the desire to change the rules of business as usual and is determined to carry the positive message on decarbonization.

EcoAct’s ambition is to implement righteous practices and responsible governance in organizations and territories, making co-benefits and the fruits of sustainable development more tangible.


Twitter : @eco_act


About Alliantis

Founded in 2000, Alliantis is a consulting firm active in the field of alliance strategy and network communication. The firm supports public, associative and private entities that want to anticipate and adapt to the challenges of a sustainable future in a spirit of partnership, dialogue and openness to other stakeholders.


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