Climate risk

Safeguard and ensure the longevity of your business

Objective: by implementing an adaptation strategy to climate risk, we guarantee the sustainability of your activity and increase the confidence of your stakeholders in the resilience of your organisation.

Climate risk: a priority for companies and investors

According to the Global Risks Report, published every year by the World Economic Forum, environmental and climate risks currently represent the greatest threat to the world economy. Rising temperatures, flooding, extreme climatic events… The consequences of climate change namely affect the availability of resources, the security of production sites, the continuity of business activities, employee health and asset value: all factors that have a notable impact on businesses and influence the choice of investors.

This risk is therefore taken increasingly seriously by economic and political decision-makers. In 2017, the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) revealed in its GLOBAL CLIMATE INDEX, that 60% of the 500 leading institutional investors (representing 27 trillion dollars in assets) and 70% of the 50 top global asset managers (managing assets worth 43 trillion dollars on behalf of their clients) provide information on the climate risk linked to their investments. In France, article 173-VI of the Energy Transition bill also required institutional investors to measure and provide information on the potential impact of climate change on their investment portfolios.

Our solution: comprehensive support for increasing the resilience of your organisation for the long-term


More than a methodology, our assistance helps you to strengthen your risk management plan and increase the confidence of your stakeholders. We will help you:

  •  Identify physical and transition risks;
  •  Measure your vulnerability;
  • Identify your adaptation levers;
  • Design your climate adaptation strategy;

We assist you from start to finish in assessing your exposure and constructing your adaptation strategy to climate risk.

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Is the resilience of your organisation to climate change a priority for your stakeholders?

Submit your requirements or your project to us to assess your exposure to climate risk and put in place your adaptation strategy. One of our experts will recontact you within 24 hrs, after receipt of your request.

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EcoAct: scientific expertise and business focus

Through our collaboration with Météo France and the Laboratory for Climate and Environmental Sciences (LSCE – IPSL), we offer you exclusive access to the most advanced climatic modelling, in France and the world. Our team, itself composed of several climatologists, translates these modellings into an analysis of risks relevant for your organisation (operational, financial, regulatory and reputational risks). With the experience gained from more than 1,000 climate consultancy assignments, we will help you construct an adaptation strategy which will guarantee the resilience of your organisation over the long term.

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