The 2020 CDP scores are in!

CDP Scores 2020

Despite a very difficult year, the number of companies disclosing to CDP and our own client A-list has risen again.

Yesterday morning the CDP scores for the 2020 round of disclosures were released. Out of 9,617 companies disclosing, 270 have achieved a Leadership A-list ranking for the Climate Change Questionnaire, including our own parent company, Atos. This is compared to 179 in 2019. EcoAct’s clients are among those achieving the highest-level score and demonstrating their leadership in addressing climate risks and contributing towards a low carbon future.

Congratulations to the Leaders

EcoAct is delighted to congratulate nineteen of its clients for achieving Leadership A-List status this year. Between them, these companies have gained 25 As across CDP’s three main Questionnaires. We are also really pleased to announce a very positive year across the board for our clients and partners, 88% of which have either improved their score or held their rating.

Each year our clients continue to climb the ranks of the CDP scores, and we are encouraged to see corporates raising their climate ambitions and working hard to improve their climate disclosures even in the face of unprecedented challenges due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, a record-breaking number of companies responded this year, which CDP report to be a 17% uplift on last year and a 70% increase since the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015. Companies representing over 50% of global market capital now respond to CDP, which is really promising progress given the growing urgency of the climate crisis and need for concerted action and, importantly, transparency.

What is CDP and why do CDP scores matter?

CDP is one of the most comprehensive and internationally recognised sustainability reporting platforms. It works on behalf of investors representing US$106 trillion in assets, and around a third of the world’s invested capital. The scores published by CDP allow these investors to see that companies are incorporating sustainability into their business strategy and practices, so they can assess the climate risk of their portfolios.

The importance of good quality climate disclosures has never been more pressing, particularly in light of the massive impact the climate emergency poses to our global economy and the limited time we have left to limit global temperature rise and reach Net Zero.

In January this year, Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, which represents over $40 trillion of assets, stated that “in the near future – and sooner than most people think – there will be a significant reallocation of capital” calling on more and improved climate -related disclosures.

The increase in CDP disclosure this year seems to demonstrate the power wielded by the investor community to shape disclosures and drive forward progress on climate. We hope to see this progress continue into 2021.

CDP in 2021

No sooner have the scores been released, but attentions will start to turn to next year. EcoAct will be publishing a revised CDP factsheet summarising any updates to the Questionnaires and providing tips for how you can maximise your 2021 disclosures early in the New Year. Watch this space…

Our partnership with CDP

CDP Gold Accreditied Provider 2020 - EcoAct Environmental Consultancy

EcoAct are a Gold CDP Climate Change partner as well as a Gold CDP Partner for science-based targets. Every year we work with a wide range of companies across many different sectors to help them tackle the challenges of climate change, set ambitious climate targets and achieve improvements to their annual disclosures to CDP.


About EcoAct

At EcoAct we are driven by a shared purpose to make a difference. To help businesses to implement positive change in response to climate and carbon challenges, whilst also driving commercial performance.

Download our


With over 8,000 companies disclosing to CDP every year, it is one of the most comprehensive and widely-used climate and sustainability reporting platforms in the world.

This year there have been some changes, specifically in relation to new sector-specific questions.

For all the 2020 updates, timelines and the future of CDP, download your copy of the 2020 CDP Factsheet today.

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