CDP Reporting for Compass Group

Case study: Compass Group
Compass Group approached EcoAct for support in improving their score on the CDP rankings.

The challenges.

Compass Group report to both the CDP Investor Questionnaire and the Supply Chain Questionnaire. Their key business drivers for responding to both questionnaires include improving their carbon reporting and communications performance as well as satisfying the demands of their key clients and investors.

Compass Group approached EcoAct for support in improving their score on the CDP rankings.

Food & Support Services

Compass Group are a food & support services company catering for millions of customers worldwide by supplying to restaurants, coffee shops, onsite retail outlets and fine dining establishments. In addition to catering, Compass also provide reception, cleaning, building maintenance and security services. In the UK and Ireland, Compass Group have over 7,000 client sites, employ more than 50,000 people and have a turnover of £1.95 billion

"EcoAct provided us with invaluable help for our CDP response this year and were very accommodating with our extra requirements. It was a pleasure working with them"
Sustainability Manager
Compass Group

The solution:

EcoAct worked alongside Compass Group to improve key sections of the response where they could potentially gain the maximum amount of points. In particular we focused on helping Compass Group report on carbon reduction targets and initiatives; and we also worked with senior managers to review potential climate change risks and opportunities which the business may face in the future.

By gaining a strong understanding of Compass Group’s organisational structure, the environmental performance of their key competitors and relevant activity in the food supply and catering industry, we identified the key risks and opportunities that climate change posed to their business.

The results

  • Higher quality CDP submission
  • Better understanding of the potential future impact of climate risk
  • Identification of potential benefits to capitalise on
  • Improved commercial advantage for the Group.

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With over 8,000 companies disclosing to CDP every year, it is one of the most comprehensive and widely-used climate and sustainability reporting platforms in the world.

This year there have been some changes, specifically in relation to new sector-specific questions.

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