EcoAct launches new Nature-Based Solutions unit focused on climate change, ecosystems and communities.

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Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) team at EcoAct Environmental Consultants

What do we mean by Nature-Based Solutions?

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) are ways to address challenges such as climate change, access to water, social and economic development and disaster risk that put nature and people are the heart of the solution.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) defines nature-based solutions as “actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems, that address societal challenges effectively and adaptively, simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits”.

NBS are intended to support sustainable development, ensuring positive impacts and benefits for ecosystems and communities and they are an essential part of a net zero future and a building an equitable and fair sustainable future for all as defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Nature-Based Solutions have benefits for both human well-being and the evironment

Nature-Based Solutions at EcoAct

EcoAct is proud to announce that from January 2020, we have a dedicated NBS unit that will focus solely on identifying, securing and developing best in class, innovative nature-based Solutions for EcoAct clients in line with international best practices. We will do this by:

  • Implementing ongoing and innovative nature-based solutions on the ground
  • Allowing our clients to finance nature-based solutions in line with international best practices and rigorous compliance processes.
  • NBS portfolio and strategic partnerships

Jerome Beilin, the Director of Nature-Based Solutions at EcoAct explains more about how the new unit will be looking to partner with companies and organisations to embed nature-based solutions in their approach to managing supply chain risk, meeting net zero targets and innovating their business models to find appropriate solutions for a low carbon future: 

“Nature-based solutions have always been a central part of what we do at EcoAct. This new unit is very aligned with our core values of developing operational solutions for our clients that put ecosystems and communities where the projects are based at the heart of the solution. We will be building on our already extensive experience of developing carbon offsetting projects and expanding our reach into innovative projects on mangroves, biodiversity, forests, and ecological restoration to name a few.”

Mathilde Mignot, Head of Partnerships and Portfolio in the new NBS unit explains:

“EcoAct supports projects that embrace nature to combat climate change. Our projects go well beyond carbon emissions and that aim is at the core of our new NBS unit. Having had the opportunity to visit many nature-based projects all over the world, I have seen first-hand the benefits these projects have on communities – from improved access to water to diversified economic opportunities from protected forests, people and the ecosystems they live in, are central to the solution.”

Valerie Morgan, Climate Expert at EcoAct explains:

“Nature-based solutions have been shown to be able to provide around 30% of the emissions reductions needed to limit global warming by 2° and are the most cost-effective. EcoAct’s decision to create a dedicated unit puts the organisation at the forefront of providing public and private actors with the tools that exist to combat climate change, while putting communities and biodiversity at the heart of project development.  An excellent example of nature-based solutions are projects that protect and restore mangroves: protecting and restoration of this kind of ecosystem has multi-faceted benefits for people and ecosystems and we are very excited to be expanding our work in this area.”

Follow the link to find out more about some of EcoAct’s Carbon Offsetting Projects.


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