The Christmas gift that keeps on giving

He who let year 2016 continue should have been fired. All the unprecedented events that happened in the world this year have caused so much turmoil and trouble. For him it’s just a little bit of fun (well, sorry dude, but we don’t find it funny). Luckily (oh, so luckily!), all is not lost!

In October Carbon Clear launched something new, fledgling and exciting. Something that will restore the balance between the good and the bad in the world, something that, most importantly, will keep giving long after Christmas has passed! It’s called (read closely!) CCLEARER.

What is CClearer?

Good of you to ask. It is Carbon Clear’s responsible business program, designed to make Carbon Clear and the world a better place. It is founded on three columns – Community, Climate and Colleagues – each led by a Champion. The whole architectural masterpiece is glued by a Coordinator.

What are CClearer’s aims?

It’s quite simple really:

  • To continue making Carbon Clear an enjoyable and rewarding place to work;
  • To minimise our environmental impact and create an innovative environment for testing new ideas;
  • To harness our capabilities and enthusiasm to have an impact beyond our company’s and our clients’ boundaries.

How will they be achieved?

Through action and persistence! Innovation and fun. Learning and unlearning. We have already:

  • Worn jeans on Jeans for Genes day and fundraised for children affected by a genetic disorder.
  • Picked two charities close to our hearts that Carbon Clear is going to support in year 2017 and started our fundraising activities. The two charities are The Brain Tumor Charity and Food for All.
  • Measured our production of waste and assessed our recycling skills. Newsflash – we are not as good as we thought we were, but at least now we know and are taking action.
  • Launched a CClearer ideas forum for colleagues to share their thoughts.
  • Launched a month-long ‘Breaking Bad Habits’ campaign.

There are many, many more initiatives planned for the beautiful year to come – ranging from a mental health awareness day to a five-aside football competition with fellow industry colleagues, to assessing our supply chain and launching a ‘Success Chart’ campaign to meet our environmental targets.

Yes, it is the gift that keeps on giving.


About EcoAct

At EcoAct we are driven by a shared purpose to make a difference. To help businesses to implement positive change in response to climate and carbon challenges, whilst also driving commercial performance.