Our clients rate Carbon Clear services 9/10!

We recently asked our clients what they thought about working with Carbon Clear. We were overwhelmed with the feedback and our final rating of 9/10 from the questionnaire that covered areas including client interaction, company culture, customer satisfaction and service delivery. 

The project was carried out by third party research company CX Awards, and Carbon Clear have now achieved their Client Experience 2016 Mark of Excellence. 

Analysis of all the client scores and comments confirms that Carbon Clear deliver an outstanding service which is truly valued by our clients.

Many of our clients come from personal recommendation and one of the highest scores came in response to the statement – “My experience to date makes it likely that I will continue to use the company in the future” which scored 9.16.

Better still, the score for the statement – “In my opinion, the staff I have dealt with deliver a high standard of customer care” was an 9.22.

The survey showed that our staff enjoy a great work environment and seem determined to make sure they serve their clients to the very best of their considerable abilities.

The top staff score of 9.26 came in response to the statement “Retaining existing clients is as important to the business as winning new clients”.

This evidences the culture within the business which is totally client focused. Little wonder that loyalty levels are consistently high.


Find out more about working at Carbon Clear and Find out more about our 9/10 services here 


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