3 benefits of environmental sustainability your business could profit from

While the benefits of environmental sustainability for long-term business success are numerous, the main competitive advantages can be broken down into three clear categories: investors, customers and legislation. Successful organisations are already aware of the importance of meeting investor and customer demands whilst complying with legislative requirements. Here we highlight how a well-developed corporate sustainability […]

President Biden – Day 1 of climate action

Following the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States on 20 January 2021, we take a look at some of the climate change actions already underway on Day 1 of his administration. Joe Biden’s first acts as President include the signing of a wide range of executive orders including reversing […]

The 2020 CDP scores are in!

CDP Scores 2020

Despite a very difficult year, the number of companies disclosing to CDP and our own client A-list has risen again. Yesterday morning the CDP scores for the 2020 round of disclosures were released. Out of 9,617 companies disclosing, 270 have achieved a Leadership A-list ranking for the Climate Change Questionnaire, including our own parent company, […]

EcoAct launches first ever open-source carbon calculation to overcome remote working emissions gap

homeworking emissions calculation methodology whitepaper

LONDON, 7th October 2020 – International climate change consultancy EcoAct alongside major corporates today published an open-source methodology for companies that need to calculate the impacts of an increasing number of employees working from home on corporate carbon emissions. The paper, written in collaboration with EcoAct clients NatWest Group and Lloyds Banking Group and following […]

Atos acquisition of EcoAct complete

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, has today completed its acquisition of EcoAct. With a complementary portfolio of services and expertise, Atos and EcoAct aim to extend the range of carbon reduction digital solutions, services, and strategies to further support our clients at every stage of their journey towards net zero. Alongside Atos, we […]

Who will be the top 10 sustainable business leaders in 2020?

sustainable business leaders

This year marks EcoAct’s 10th annual ranking of FTSE 100 sustainable business leaders based on their sustainability reporting performance. Ahead of the release of this year’s report, we look back at the trends across the last decade in corporate climate reporting and sustainable business leadership. 2020 is the beginning of the final decade when we […]

How important is energy management?

How important is energy management

The key stages to managing your energy and why it should be a priority Let’s be honest, energy management is not sexy. It isn’t a big, glamorous, headline-grabbing project which will get you all the plaudits, so what is the point? What benefit will it bring? Well, if your organisation has money to spare, no […]

Net Zero FAQs: your questions answered.

Net Zero FAQs - Lightbulbs

Net Zero. A term on which the climate hopes of a planet are hung. A term which still doesn’t have an internationally agreed definition. A term that presents a lot of practical challenges. A term that raises a lot of questions. In this blog we aim to answer to them. If you missed our webinar […]

How to credibly communicate your product’s green credentials

credibly communicate your products green credentials

Corporate commitments such as science-based targets are a great way to set the ambition and outline a vision for the direction of the company. But organisations need to communicate the green credentials of their products effectively in order for customers to understand these commitments and what they mean for individual products and services. For this […]