2°C Strategy

Align your low-carbon strategy with Science Based Targets

Objective: develop your low-carbon strategy through ambitious objectives, in line with the 2°C target (Science Based Targets) and obtain a real competitive advantage over your competitors.

Science Based Targets: reduction objectives in line with the 2°C target

Launched in 2015, the Science Based Targets initiative is a joint project of the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), the Global Compact, the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund ( WWF). It encourages businesses to set targets for the reduction of their carbon footprint, in line with scientific recommendations to keep the worldwide increase in temperature below the threshold of 2°C.

Companies play a key role in the economy’s low-carbon transition. And although more and more businesses are already measuring their greenhouse gas emissions and defining their low-carbon strategy, we now need to go further, by setting reduction targets that are equal to the climate challenge.

The 2°C strategy: comprehensive and tailor-made support in defining and deploying your low-carbon strategy

Our 2°C Strategy guarantees you:

  • Assistance at each stage of your low-carbon strategy, from a critical analysis of your current approach to managing your action plan;
  • A methodology adapted to your organisation’s specific characteristics and strategy, to make your low-carbon transition a real competitive advantage.

Our programme includes:

  • A critical review of your current climate / carbon strategy;
  • Selection of the most relevant Science Based Targets methodology in view of your activities and your strategy;
  • Definition of reduction objectives in line with the 2°C target;
  • Approval of your reduction objectives by the general secretariat of the Science Based Targets Initiative;
  • The definition, deployment and management of your action plan to achieve these objectives,

We will help you define and deploy your low-carbon strategy, in line with the 2°C target and your organisation’s strategy.

Do you need advice on defining your 2°C strategy?

Submit your requirements or your project to us to set up your organisation’s transition. One of our experts will contact you within 24 hrs, after receipt of your request.

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Why EcoAct ?

For more than 10 years, EcoAct experts have been developing and implementing climate and carbon strategies at the international level, in order to make taking account of climate change a real driver of performance. Driven from the beginning by true trailblazing spirit, we became interested very early on in the Science Based Targets initiative. Today, the EcoAct Group combines a unique set of skills to help you set reduction objectives in line with the 2°C target, rigorously and effectively:

  • In-depth technical expertise on methodologies for calculating carbon footprints in France and abroad;
  • Complete mastery of the seven methodologies chosen by the Science Based Targets Initiative, developed through several assignments assisting businesses in this initiative;
  • Skills in IT development to facilitate and ensure the longevity of your low-carbon strategy.


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